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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pimp My Honda Ex5

Ini bukan AMV tapi saja pranks yang member aku buat. Lama dah nie.. aku ingat dah hilang dah dulu. Rupanya ada aku simpan dalam DVD.

Ini krew2 Geng Longkang le nie.. kat area kedai aku. Budak2 Kuale. Motor yang kene prank (ranjo) tu plak member aku Ce'E Nama dia. hehehehehe


Monday, May 5, 2008

Missing Pieces - Witherspoon - 5cm per second AMV

Missing Pieces - Witherspoon - 5cm per second AMV

I've been meaning to post this earlier when the video editing finished but couldn't find the right time to do so.

This is my 2nd official AMV and also a bit special. The song is not in Malay language but it is a Malaysian song, produce by bunch of music freak friend of mine.

They're Witherspoon and they've just release their first EP with the title Scapes & Sounds.

I'm lucky enough to be able to listen their raw material during studio practices, pre mixing and early release since 2006, that's a year and a half ago. 2 kali raya aku dengar lagu yg sama tapi mixing sound beza beza bai..

So, unofficially I took one of the song (Missing Pieces - which I like the most) and start searching for a perfect anime to create an AMV. After listening and thinking about their atmospheric sound I decided to use Makoto Shinkai's 5cm per second anime.

The anime itself is brilliantly drawn & animated with beautiful scene almost everywhere in the movie. After a few prelim cut and arrange I choose the 2nd part of the movie as the base of the AMV.

It took me about 5 hour to edit and match the sequence with the song. It's kinda rushing but I need to show the AMV to my friend who'll be going back to KL in the evening. He looked very pleased with the result and I couldn't thought of any better actually. Well perhaps I should choose 1st part or the last part instead? Sigh..

Well then, Enjoy the song (a great song BTW) and don't forget to visit my friends' website on myspace -

There are more sample song on their channel. Hopefully you'll like the EP and there's info how to get them on the site.

Good luck Witherspoon and thank you Ijat for the free sample!

(Witherspoon EP Cover - CD=RM15 a piece)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Final Fantasy 8 AMV by Faez

3 Days ago, a boy, son of friend actually - aged 15, who always hang out with me handed me a copy of his latest amv. Or rather, FFVII video compilation.

His amv mostly sucks.. I mean, he's 15, lacks skills in video composition, rely solely on my sense of advice and using Initial D soundtrack most of the time. How about that?

However, from the first frame, i'm hooked. The song used in the background is Tsubasa Chronicle's "Ship of Fools" by Yuki Kajiura.. absolutely on of my fav piece!

And again, when I heard the of sword swirling sound in the background, mixing almost perfectly with the mood, I thought, can this get any better..?

Most of the video scene mostly precompiled and obviously downloaded from the internet. There aren't much original ediited scene but the wise arrangemenet plus a lil creative side made the video worth and surprisingly pleasing. This boys got talent.. of simply just his luck?

Watching this amv made me realize that he's learning. He's been watching me doing stuffs and gradualy learning.

Way to go Faez!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Still no new AMV but here's Haruhi!

I'm still busy with many things after moving to my new office. Busy busy all day long. I do plan a few song, but very old rock song by SEARCH. Maybe it's not up to taste with younger generation, but I still love Melayar Bahtera and I think it's a very good piece of music to create AMV.

However, in the other camp, there are some new development. Irugaoniisama from puteranime just release a new AMV, using Haruhi Suzumiya stock footage. Everything including the song. Remember the ENOZ song from episode 12?

Hmm.. Reminds me a lot of Linda Linda Linda!!! The scene & especially the guitar that Haruhi used to perform the song. Isn't that the same as Kei's guitar?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Takde amv baru sebab aku sibuk buka kedai

Aku sibuk sangat semingg ni.. ke sana sini menguruskan hal nak bukak kedai sendiri. Payah jga rupanya berniaga sendiri ni. Barulah aku tau.

InsyaAllah start minggu depan aku akan pindah kedai baru. Tak jauh dari kedai sekarang. seberang jalan je.. LOL

Apa-apa hal pun sabar menanti. Projek tetap jalan beb!!

Problem with vobsub & subtitle font attachment

A friend of mine tried the video + .ass subtitle on his computer and found something terrible. Everytime he play the video, the PC restart instantly without any warning. His machine run Win2k just like mine though.

After a few tries, I figure out it has something to do with ass font attachment. And I figure that might create potential problem with user with same rig as his - although I did successfully played the file on several computer running Win2k & WinXP.

So I attach here the same .ass script without font attachment. The font is in zip file and has to be install manually.

Download .ass karaoke + font

Download FLCL-Terharu AMV here

Old .ass karaoke (might be problematic)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Simple Karaoke SFX for FLCL-Terharu

I decided to do karaoke SFX for my FLCL-Terharu amv today and finally gather my courage to try the process. Years ago I download the SSA subtitler tool and I'm totally lost. I never had any courage to try karaoke sfx again after that. I alwas envy people who can do great karaoke sfx especially in horor / goth-loli themed anime fansubs.

However, a friend request me a karaoke or at least a sub for my amv. I always thought a simple srt file is not appropriate for music videos although I made many before using Subtitle Workshop. Perhaps this is the right chance for me to try sfx once more, I thought.

This time I downloaded Aegisub. This is an advance & easy subtitle editor for ASS / SSA format - used by many to create subs & SFX.

I found Aegisubs relatively easy to understand & operate, even without manual. Unless someone never really tried subtitling before. For more info about Aegisub please visit the wikipedia. I tried Sabbu before but I think Aegisubs is better IMO.

Aegisub Editor Window

Subtitle in action

For this karaoke sfx, I use very basic method of styling coz I'm still experimenting all those option & settings. The sfx help file (internet) is unavailable ATM. I use the font CroissantD. If you guys don't have the font, don't worry. I did attach it with the file (it's actually merged with the .ass file so you don't have to manually install it.

You will need the Vsfilter (DirectVobSub) to load the subtitle while playing the video. If you have any kind of codec pack installed it's most likely that directVobSub is already in your system. If you don't, get CCCP here. You might need to turn off the "Pre-buffer subpictures" option in DirectVobSub to make sure the karaoke works.

The .ass styling is rather basic but you still need a fair PC to play the karaoke smoothly. A mid Pentium III pc is needed.

BTW, this subtitle is sync to match the HQ version of FLCL - Terharu amv. You can get the video here.